Who Are We?


What’s up!!! My name is Jordan, I’m from a small town in Northern Virginia! I’m currently working as a full-time bartender in Newport News, VA, not far from where I graduated college from Christopher Newport University with a degree in Psychology. My biggest hope for this trip is that I learn to appreciate my time more. So often, I feel like we rush through our days only to look forward to 2 out of the 7 them. I want to experience a life where every day is a day to look forward to, not just the weekend. SOUNDS SO GOOD, RIGHT?? I’ve been lucky to experience this kind of happiness several times before: the first in 2015 when I studied abroad in Glasgow, Scotland and the second in 2017 when I worked as an au pair in Italy (for the most INCREDIBLE family ever!!!). I’m dating the funniest, most genuine and challenging person I know, and cannot wait to experience this trip of a lifetime with him.


DSC_0346.jpgDevon’s still working on putting his bio on here…

The date is August 20, 2019 and Devon still refuses to write a bio. He doesn’t believe in our fame.