The First Stop // Cape May and Wildwood, New Jersey

October 1, 2019 – October 3,2019

“This is it for real…apparently? I don’t know, it hasn’t quite sunk it yet that this is the reality from now on! As we drove away from my mom’s yesterday, it was like “okay here we go” but the idea that we’re in this for the next 2 months hasn’t quite hit yet.

This morning we took our time getting up. I made some tea before we walked down to the lake, but we don’t have any honey so I dumped it 3 sips later.”

aaaand that’s as far as my draft from October 2, 2019 made it


30 minutes south of our campsite at Lake & Shore RV Resort in Ocean View, NJ was our first “big stop”, Cape May! We quickly found our way past Emelyn Physick Estate, and down to Gurney Street. We found cheap metered parking and started walking towards the Washington Street Mall. It’s not very long and the houses were umm… nothing less than beautiful. LOOK.



71545801_544673432952038_1150154016659865600_n (1)





Along the way, we just so happened to pass by The Cape May Peanut Company. Devon said, “oh, a peanut shop,” and immediately my mind went to the suggestion my friend Kimmy gave me for “the best natural peanut butter”.

Let me tell you. I LOVED this shop!!

Anybody else been curious about what all-natural peanut, almond, or sunflower butters taste like?? When you walk in, you’re welcomed by their CLEAN tasting station 🙂

We were strongly urged to try them all…so obviously we did…

The owner was in while we were there and was kind enough to take our picture 🙂





I can officially say I don’t particularly carreeee for just regular natural peanut, almond or sunflower butters..BUT hear me out, the honey roast one we ended up buying… delish. the regular plain ones are just a little too dry and not sweet enough for me. But the honey one… the honey GIVES it that sweetness, it’s fantastic. yum. They also had flavors like cappuccino, butterscotch and chocolate chip! On the OTHER SIDE of the shop, they have cookies as well as a small kitchen where they make various kinds of peanut butter sandwiches; fluff, bananas, different jellies, you name it! One type of jelly they had… get this… BEER jellies… We bought an indian pale ale (IPA) one, though they also had pumpkin, a couple porter and stout options…it was so so wild! We only taste-tested the IPA one because I was worried we’d want to buy more if we tried more.

From there, we found the Washington Street Mall with a whole strip of cute shops! We walked through it fairly quickly because we don’t have the money to spend so we don’t like to tempt ourselves by walking in some of the stores… still a beautiful afternoon outside, nonetheless.





Another big recommendation we got from people at home was to go to Mack’s Pizza! We planned to go to the Wildwood location for lunch, but like many other businesses in the area, it was closed 😦 We ended up at the Vegas Diner where we split a couple lunch specials that included a cup of soup and fries with your sandwich! For a good price, we were stuffed!

please excuse the large stop sign in the middle of the picture

After lunch, we drove down to Wildwood and were disappointed to find it to be a ghost town. Being the off season, most shops and restaurants were closed. We were going to do the boardwalk, but truthfully, we didn’t think much would be open on that either. Parking was $7 and the lots were practically empty as well. We drove up and down as close as you get to the beach. From what we could see, we would definitely come back during a busier time! The hotels make you feel like you’re stepping back into the 70s!


look how far the beach goes out!





We headed back to camp shortly thereafter, to relax and start packing up before we left the next day. We got home in time to witness this brilliantly vibrant sunset:

74661778_2154001568238175_6674327835944943616_n (1)




I’m getting better about updating already! Honestly, being on the road and managing all of this…takes a lot more effort than I’m willing to put forth. I hate being on my phone trying to piece together the days for hours at a time.

Yes, these really take hours.

Truthfully, it’s important to me to write when it feels good.

I stick to doing that, even if it means I keep it for myself.

As we went along, the Facebook page came to be the easiest place to put everything. We could give just enough detail that you had a pretty good idea of what was going on every few days or so. If you have a Facebook, please like our page and follow along with our journey there! We very much so encourage you to SHARE our posts if you like them as well! I can remember when we first made the page, Devon was ecstatic seeing the number of likes on our Facebook page go up little by little everyday…”EIGHT likes over night?? Facebook has clout.”

True statement, I swear.

Anyways, good to see ya again.

I’m sorry I haven’t written sooner.

If by chance you were one of my Bar Guest Friends

(and I do really mean it, y’all were my friends!!)…

If you fall into the category of, “dang, I’ve been wondering where they were!”…

Told ya we’d get this show on the road!



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