Here We Go!

October 15, 2018.

“We live life in reverse.”

“What’s stopping us from just quitting our jobs and just going traveling?”

“Let’s Go.”

That’s how Devon and I decided we were going to start planning a trip across the country. Think about it… Assuming you reading this are, a friend of my mom’s or a family member of Devon’s (thank you for checking this out!!), you might have a few more things in life like your own children and careers that keep you tied to where you are…

It is, by no means, my intention to imply that there is absolutely anything wrong with this!!

But anyways, that’s just how life goes, right? Our society has these expectations of us: we go to high school, go to college, get a degree in our favorite topic and pray we land a big league job right out of school with marriage and starting a family somewhere in between…AGAIN, there’s nothing wrong with that, if that is how your life is going or went! For me and Devon, it’s something we both know we want and truly aspire to have…just not right now.

So one evening we sat there talking about what would happen if we just quit? Neither of us have children, neither of us have jobs that are impossible to leave, we both make a solid amount of money, we’re *almost* entirely financially independent from our parents (sorry dad, maybe one day I’ll start paying for my own Amazon Prime and Netflix accounts!)…

Truthfully, the biggest things holding us back are our families and having the necessary materials. We decided there were a few essential things we need to buy:

  1. A map for the wall
  2. A car that can handle the trip (preferably something under 100k miles and newer than 2005)
  3. A teardrop trailer (who knew there was such a market for these things…
  4. Enough money to last us the trip

That was it. We’d create a rough idea of the route we’d want to take, but beyond that…we’d just stop and go through national parks as we please.

So here we are! The 50″ x 32″ map is hanging on cardboard in our bedroom with 26 locations pinned already, we’re becoming craigslist’s top searcher for cars and mini campers, and money is being saved at an exceptional rate. We are SO beyond excited to get this trip going!!!

Follow along as we start living a life without an apartment, bills, and….wait for it….a job!!

Wish us luck!