There’s a First for Everything // Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area

Another #freecamping site in the books that exceeded our expectations.

Devon and I went back and forth about where we were going to go next from Moab, UT.

After a million conversations, we decided to head North instead of continuing West.

It was a further stretch to the next National Park, but we were OVER the heat (there’s something about sleeping and sweating that just doesn’t work for me) and we were really eager to see some wildlife.

Next stop: Grand Tetons National Park

Well, kinda.

Next stop, first: Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area

We found this site on Free Roam, one of the many free camping apps we use, and drove 6 hours North to our next campsite.

This trip was full of firsts!

The first time I ever raced a train…

The first time I saw elk!!

The first time I crossed a dam with an RV…

And just when we thought we had arrived… we still had 30 minutes down our…

First washboard road!

Look at the water that was waiting for us…

By 3:30, we had landed at the Reservoir. There were other RVs that had parked closer to the water, but we just didn’t see how it was going to be possible for us. One of our biggest fears now is pulling the RV down a road and not being able to turn it around or back up!

Nonetheless, after trying roads 208 and 209, we decided to go for this HUGE spot up on a hill above the water.

I am just now seeing the massive cow patty on the ground

and unlucky for us,

it was still very, very hot.

The views weren’t bad though!

The smoky haze had fully rolled in by 6:30 that evening, but that didn’t stop us from getting down to the water to do a little exploring.

The wind was blowing like crazy and the sun was the color of a highlighter.

We had only planned on staying one night, but one thing that’s easy to forget while living this lifestyle,

is the day of the week.

And it was, in fact, Friday night.

(We try to avoid traveling on Fridays and Saturdays because we know most people are camping for the weekend and sites are less likely to become available)

One more night it is.

The next morning, it felt like we woke up in a totally different place.

The sky was clear and the water was as still as could be, the only waves being the ones created by the boats going by.

We spent all day down by the water. Devon carried his fishing pole and tackle box; I carried my Green Tea and my painting supplies. We watched a boat pull a wakeboarder up and down the reservoir all afternoon.

Hindsight, this is one of my favorite memories we have of genuine “disconnected” time spent together.

There’s our camper up on the hill!

After another veryyyy hot night, and the batteries on the fan now dead, we quickly packed everything up so we could get to Grand Teton National Park.

The reservoir was along the Utah/Wyoming stateline; literally Wyoming was on the other side of the wall of rock.

Because we drove so far to get to Flaming Gorge, our drive up to our spot in Moose, Wyoming, just outside of the National Park, was just under 4 hours.

It wasn’t long into the drive before we started to see the mountains I’ve been waiting for.

There are 3 major checkpoint places for me along this trip.

  1. Michigan.
  2. Grand Tetons (or just a “big ass mountain” moment, similar to that in Fort Garland, CO)
  3. Washington State

Anything that happens after that, I’m just along for the ride.

Number 1 is done, Number 2 here we come.

Until next time,


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