We’re on the road again. I’m sorry, did you hear me?





Let’s have a quick chat about our past year in the Florida Keys.

When we took the job in the Keys, we knew it was our perfect chance to enjoy the scenery and make some money to get us back on the road.

We spent the past year working at an RV Resort in the Florida Keys. Devon worked at the marina store and I worked in the front office.

We worked hard while we were there, made friendships that are like family, and tried to spend as much time outside as possible.

We couldn’t have been luckier to find our jobs and are very much so looking forward to going back in December!

As much as we loved where we were, we knew wanted to get back on the road.

One year later, we have left the Keys, sold our 10′ teardrop trailer and bought a 17′ Geo Pro travel trailer with a goal of going to see as much of the US as we can with the timeframe we have.

Out with the old, in with the new




We left home just over a week ago and have already made it through 5 states: Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana and, most recently, Michigan.

On June 7, we left my mom’s house in Loudoun County headed for the KOA at Lexington / Natural Bridge.

We specifically made the plan to leave early enough in the day to explore Natural Bridge State Park in Southwest VA.

It was a 2.5 hour trip.

Just about an hour to hour and a half into it, in Woodstock, VA, the driver side tire blew on the travel trailer.

Per the roadside assistance tow truck driver, we stopped at the next exit, 2 miles down the road to buy a new spare tire, juuust in case, for any reason, we would have another one.

HA! Good call…

2 more miles down the road, the passenger side tire blew on the travel trailer.

We had the same tow truck driver show up for this incident also 🙂

With all of the mishap we could ask for out of the way, and after purchasing 2 more new tires, we made it to our KOA in Lexington. Unfortunately, it was too late in the day to head to Natural Bridge, as the ~adventure of the day~ pushed us back 6+ hours. Upon our arrival to the campground, the woman at the desk told us someone had canceled earlier in the day so they were going to upgrade our site. She circled site #19 on our map and sent us on our way. As we drove around to our site, I realized we had been upgraded to a Deluxe Patio site… honestly, one of the nicest sites we have EVER stayed on.

The site included a gas grill, picnic table, cement pad for both car and rv, and a swinging bench next to the firepit!

Though we didn’t get to go to Natural Bridge, it was nice to be able to unload everything we had thrown into the car and trailer and do some reorganization.

The view as we left the KOA

The next day, we made the long drive across the West Virginia mountains, to our next stop in Lexington, KY. Before hitting the road, we spent a lot of time working to get a weight distribution system installed, so the up and down of the WV mountains on 64 West was an incredible first test!

Charleston State Capital Building on the left

After a long afternoon in the car, we finally made it to Kentucky Horse Park, our home for the next 3 nights. We were eager to land because we felt like our stop in VA was too short (and too problematic) to enjoy our time. Our time in Lexington, however, was just long enough that we could really get our campsite set up, go bike riding, and explore nearby Louisville, KY. I’ll be honest, we decided against going to the Horse Park because of the price. We appreciate horses and find them beautiful, but we just couldn’t justify spending $17/person to visit them. Nonetheless, we found alternative activities and ways to spend our time.

While on our bike ride, we saw some beautiful farms… For my fellow sign readers-enjoy!

We stayed in Kentucky for 3 days before continuing North. While our spot in KY had water and electric hookups, our Harvest Host spots for the weekend did not have hookups of any kind. Through Harvest Hosts, we are able to camp at different breweries, wineries, farms, and attractions. We spent the first weekend on the road camping at an Air Museum, an Extreme Laser Tag facility, and at an alpaca ranch. As our first experiences with running a generator and using a dump station, I’d say we did pretty well!

Here are some pictures from each campsite:

I promise to make a more detailed post about camping through Harvest Hosts and show more pictures of these locations, but for now let’s get up to date…

okay fine, here are a couple more alpaca pictures AND THENNN WE MOVE ON…

Okay let’s continue…

We have officially made it to Michigan; we head to our 3rd state park tomorrow.

Making it this far, to Michigan in particular, was a major milestone for us.

We haven’t been so lucky getting on the road and, maybe I should knock on wood while I write this and you while you read, but we are so eager to keep this journey going.

This is what we’ve been working for. Right now, we’re traveling every 2-5 days, making plans about 10 days out.

It’s different than living in the teardrop trailer, sure, but we are doing what we wanted to do, just this time with a bathroom indoors.

But now, we want to do what you want us to do!

No, really. Help us put destinations on our map!

You tell us where you think we should go!

Right now, we’ve booked through July 4th weekend and are headed around the Upper Peninsula of Michigan before heading across the Dakotas.

We’d love all kinds of recommendations for hiking, biking, kayaking, fishing, and anything in between…

Give us plans for ANY state!

Be back soon with more detailed versions of our previous days!

Until next time,


One thought on “2021: WE ARE OUTTA HERE!

  1. Hey so good to hear from you guys. I’m from the west coast of Michigan, and would recommend any or all beaches there. So beautiful! Upper peninsula is great, not enough for me to do though. Keep me updated. Miss you at the cove!


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