The Prolonged Pitstop // a Semi-Stationary Story

Hello at last!

Can you believe the last time I wrote was Aug 21??

Yikes, not so good when I gave a lot of people this blog to follow! I’m so sorry I’ve left you behind! 😦

Double yikes considering my last post was literally titled, “We’re Back Again…Almost”.

Little did we know, that “almost” turned into a month and a half…

So how do we catch up and get alllll the details in between?

For the past couple months, I’ve written drafts here and there, but none of them quite made it on here for a variety of reasons. Now that we’re back, the internet connection is THERE, and we’re dusting the cobwebs off my drafts. If you’ve already been following us on Facebook, you might see some overlap in the pictures and in the posts, but I really really want to get this all up to date. Partially for you, partially for myself.

So buckle up, we’re goin’ back to the first draft in the vault, Sept. 24, 2019.


Lol….guess who is still in Newport News?

Guess who has cancelled camping reservations in

Cape May, NJ

Long Island, NY

New Haven, CT

Mystic, CT 😭

And our Thousand Trails at Old Chatham Road, MA ??

Us, that’s who!!!!!

This car is STILL in the shop!! I was hoping to be back sooner with better news, but alas…tragedy is still striking.


At the moment, we’re waiting for the mechanic to tell us if we have a cracked head or a cracked head gasket… the former is a lot more expensive than the latter…let’s all cross our fingers for the latter.

Since we last chatted, that sweet August 19, things have been brought somewhat to a lull waiting every day for the car. Nonetheless, we’ve tried to make the most of our Prolonged Pitstop, occasionally treating some days as an “off day”, spending money here and there.

So what I’m trying to say is, we’ve been having fun where we can.

1. First fun place we’ve been meaning to get to: Precarious Beer Project in Williamsburg, VA. This was our “big” off day as we indulged in a couple beers, DELICIOUS food, and arcade-style games!

2. That following weekend, we were able to attend Devon’s cousin, Mikey’s, 6th birthday! Happy birthday, Mikey!! We hope you had a great day celebrating!!

3. Subsequently, we were able to also see Rascal Flatts playing at Jiffy Lube Live that night- completely for free!

Devon got an email from Jiffy Lube Live, a music venue in Bristol, VA, a couple weeks ago saying “we haven’t seen you in a long time! Here are two free tickets to one of the following shows!” Unfortunately, according to The Plan, we weren’t going to be in the area so we decided to just get the tickets for a show and sell them if we could; if not, no loss.

Just so happens we never sold those tickets, and Bristow was only 30-40 minutes from Mikey’s birthday party!

On the way in between, we stopped at a brewery on our list of To Go’s, Old Bust Head.

Unfortunately I don’t have any pics, but they’re Mai Tai Gose is a worth a shot!

4. Thanks to Devon’s family’s season tickets, we were able to go to water country (technically, kinda twice!!!)! We had gone one day a couple weeks ago, but it started storming so we were able to get tickets to come back another day. The first time we went with Janie, Max and Ian; the second we went with just ourselves!

5. FINALLLYY, get this… we went down to Florida. What the heck, I know….. hurricane…. I know… believe me, I know.

How do I know so well?

Because we drove 14 hours down Thursday, Aug 29, and promptly drove 14 hours back Saturday, Aug 31.

The reasons to go were pretty solid at the time!

His friend, Gomez, and girlfriend, Brittany, live in sunny Sunrise, FL.

The car is in the shop.

We need a break.

Gomez is off til Tuesday when he starts his new job.

Let’s still “have a trip”.

It was one hell of a deliberation and 48 hours later, we decided to leave.


the hurricane.

Dorian brought us back.

Honestly, more than anything, I was afraid we’d get stuck down there.

Not that you guys weren’t great company, Brittany and Gomez!!!

I’m just really tryna get this show on the road haha.

Nonetheless, after a lonnnnng overnight journey, we got to Brittany and Gomez’s around noon, and made it to the beach to start fishing for dinner by 4! Gomez grilled up this kinda fish and fried that kinda fish and turned another one into a ceviche. I wasn’t feeling too well that night, so I didn’ get to eat much, but the few bites I did have, all of it was delicious! It was fun seeing Devon have such a good time with someone he’s known for so long.

Thank you Brittany and Gomez for the mini getaway.


……and that, ladies and gents, is the end of the first draft in the vault! Two days later, we started the REAL adventure.  I’m trying to keep the tenses as least confusing as possible, but as long as you remember that these are my drafts that didn’t get posted, we should be all good!

Again, I’m super sorry to those I gave this blog to and then left hanging! Buuuuuut hopefully I’ll see you soon 😉

img_1078j(& not-picured d)

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