We’re Back Again…Almost / Hershey, PA & Time Well Spent

Ladies and gents and all people everywhere.

we’re B A C K



My short and sweet seems to keep more attention here, which is cool, no worries

my short and sweet version of this?

After visiting with my mom, we went to Hershey, Pennsylvania.


The reddish looking thing across the pond is mini golf, through the trees to the right of that is the pool and the main building supplied with a country store, lounge, and ~spa~!


It felt weird to be “back on the road”; back into a routine of

where should we explore today?

Felt like I was relearning it.

“Oh, yeah, we have to do that first”…

Hindsight is 20/20 I guess because I miss it now more than ever.

Corn and farms for as far as you could see…

One of the coolest breweries we’ve checked out…

and the Holy Grail that is the Hershey Park evening ticket ❤

Hershey, we love you.

We convinced ourselves that it was just the heat that got to us at Kings Dominion and we actually COULD RIDE RIDES…and purchased the after 4/5pm pass for Hershey Park! The water park was open til 8, so we stayed there until 7ish, and then rode rides until 9:30!

Let me rephrase, Devon pressured me into getting on to (1) Fahrenheit, which drops at 97 degree angle and (2) Sidewinder that operates “in an exciting boomerang style”!

He rode everything by himself after that… but we had 0 lines for the rest of the night!


(can you spot the Hershey kisses??)


We even had friends over!

But the BESTTT little discovery was the grocery store we found!!! Be sure to zoom in on the prices in the second picture! (We bought all of those snacks for beach week! I promise this is not just what we live off of!)



Okay, say it with me:


After Hershey, we didn’t have anything booked so we decided to reserve a night in Lancaster, PA (does anybody know Weird Al’s song, “Amish Paradise”?), and then a night at Virginia Landing in Quinby, VA along the Eastern Shore.

All THREE were Thousand Trails–

All FIVE (5) nights were covered with our membership 🙂


Interesting place.

Though we went to the Amish farm House, I, personally, felt like I was paying to gawk at people who are just…living…

just not our thing!

So we opted to just drive around the back roads and we’d see what we’d see…

Remember those corn fields I mentioned?

The campground though… we can’t wait to be back…

The RVs on the left are all riverfront!

yurt, anyone?

Here we go again:

Lancaster, PA: WE WENT THERE

I guess I should probably note that through all of this, we still had poison ivy.

Yep, you read that right.

So before we left Lancaster, we stopped at Med Express where I was prescribed a steroid cream and a steroid pill.

It was that bad.

5 hours later, we made it to Quinby, VA.

Virginia Landing:

Quaint place.

They called us on our way down to remind us to get gas because the closest gas station was 12-20 miles away.

One road in and out of the campground…


We didn’t get in until late afternoon, 4 or 5pm, so we had a quiet night at home. Devon had a can of Spaghettios and I had a can of corn and cup of Ramen. It sounds a little sad, but truthfully, we love it. 

We spent the evening wandering the campground making our way to the dock for sunset and finished with a lil Designated Survivor on Netflix.

Thank you Ms. Kaylene and Mr. Mike for that recommendation!

Season 1: ✅

From there, we had a short 2 hour trek to Newport News to celebrate Pop Pop’s 80th birthday!


So cute, right!!

Alright, so the bad news..

On the way from Virginia Landing to Newport News,

our car would not accelerate past 45 mph.

you read that right, again.

if we came to any kind of slow down, it would take a moment to really get going back up to a decent speed.

I have a dream come true savior traveling with me who knows cars.

For you other dream come true saviors out there who know cars,

The VTEC solenoid is broken.

For you subordinates like me, something broke.

Anyways, my Dream worked so hard on fixing it and as he was finishing, a bolt broke.

A bolt that is tucked,

we’ll say simply,

in the ~very back~.

And there’s no getting to it.

Even the mechanic told us he’s tried a wide variety of things…

So ~short and sweet~ our car has been at the mechanic for a week and half….

It is still at the mechanic as you read this 🙂


looking on the bright side,

Family Vacation was the same week it was in the shop.

For all times for this to happen, this was the prime time.

So for the past week, we tried to calmly and collectively review our options while in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

We loved the beach, the peaches, and spending time with my second boyfriend, Devon’s nephew, Max.





Janie, Rink, Kelsey, Ian and Max… and Teresa, John, Katie, Josh, Colton, and Nolan 😉 Thank you for a phenomenal week away! We love you!!

So here we are,

August 19th.

Thankfully the only reservations we have this week are through Thousand Trails,

and if I’m reading their policies right,

you won’t be charged for cancellations as long as its before the day you arrive.

We’ve had to cancel our reservation for the first half of the week, and just have to keep our second reservation up to date with our ETA!

So there you have it!

Let’s cross our fingers and hope for the best.

My anxiety, soul, heart need it!!

Just like I need this robotic lawn motor!!

Sign present, actual product not. 🤷🏽‍♀️

It’s a roomba for your lawn!!]


also here’s a laugh for you as we part ways





2 thoughts on “We’re Back Again…Almost / Hershey, PA & Time Well Spent

  1. Good times, Jordan. That was a very nice read. Debbie said it, Max is adorable.
    The best part about posting is, as the days go by, you’ll be able to come back and see it all….. And it’s fun for us.
    Best, to you two.


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