WE’VE HIT THE ROAD, JACK // Lake Anna, Bumpass, VA

Told you I’d be right back 😉

Just like we’ve been working so beyond hard these past couple weeks, I’ve been working on creating a better schedule and routine for myself when it comes to ~writing~.
I had wonderful intentions about waking up early, going outside to write, SPILLING my thoughts before anyone’s awake.
And yet,
I too went back to sleep.

Let’s. TALK.
Life is moving fast, but we are not.

We left Newport News Saturday afternoon, after a couple donuts with Devon’s grandparents, Granny and Pop Pop. THE BIG ADVENTURE STARTS.

Thankfully, we were only making the hour and half-ish drive up to my Aunt Linda and Uncle Bruce’s house in Doswell, where we had initially planned to stay for the first 3 days of this new adventure.

The plan was to stay at Bruce and Linda’s for the first few nights, and then stay at my mom’s cousin, Bill, and his wife, Dorothy’s house at Lake Anna the few nights after that. We had heard there was a fireworks show at the lake on the 6th, and figured, if anything, we’d just ride out there without the camper, watch the fireworks and come back to Doswell. After much deliberation, we decided we’d start our trip off here and head back to Doswell when we were ready. (Shoutout to our Instagram followers that voted for us to stay! The sunset was absolutely incredible on our 3rd and final night). Bill and Dorothy, thank you so impeccably much for letting us camp here. We were beyond nervous and anxious for this first stop, no matter where it would be, but this has been nothing short of exceptional.

Bruce and Linda were headed to Lake Anna already, so we met them out at Bill and Dorothy’s. With only a 30ish minute drive from Bruce and Linda’s in Doswell, we arrived in Bumpass, yes, that is the name of the town, around 4 that afternoon.

Bill showed us where to park and things immediately started to fall into place. Soon enough, beers were cracked open and feet were hanging off the dock.

Around 7:30 or so, we made our way to dinner at Anna Cabana, a restaurant located right on the water. Unfortunately, it closed at 8:30, so we were cutting it close, but we made it in time to enjoy a couple drinks and dinner with a spectacular view.


We made it back to Bill and Dorothy’s just as the fireworks started. Let me set the scene for you. I hate missing things. I was VERY worried we were going to miss the fireworks. As soon as Devon pulled in the driveway, I RAN for our chairs we had setup along the shore.


Before I even got there, I stopped. There were fireworks going off, just in that moment, in 3 different counties across the horizon. IT WAS LIKE A SCENE FROM A MOVIE.


Over the course of the night, we watched fireworks from easily, EASILY 10 different spots across the water. The show we were meant to see, itself, was amazing. Definitely one of the best we’ve ever seen. But experiencing so many fireworks all at once, all varying in distance, was indescribable.

The next day, DAY 2, if you will, we had a GORGEOUS day. It’s weird, I’ve mentioned before, I think, how Devon and I are not morning people? Mornings are easier now.


We spent the morning entirely outside… honestly. We went swimming in the lake (turns out i’m scared of water I can’t see the bottom of, A LOT more than I knew), went fishing where we WALKED OUT INTO THE LAKE (turns out I am fearful of that as well)(you never know what’s swimming around you, OKAY). Nonetheless, it was a beautiful morning.


For lunch, we went to…
wait for it…
THE COVE at Lake Anna. Can’t stay away apparently 😉

They’re located directly on the marina so the deck seating and outdoor-ish bar are fantastic. The food was fairly good; Devon and I split a Monte Cristo and each had a country ham biscuit. Monte Cristo was a liiiiittle undercooked, but the country ham…

Sent from Heaven above.

Fast forward through our lazy afternoon hanging by the lake…

For dinner, we grilled salmon we had brought with us from home, boiled and mashed our own cauliflower (& threw in some butter and garlic and herb seasoning for flavor). Though it took a couple hours to get things made and to finally eat, it was worth it. Things move slower out here.

Let me rephrase.

Things take more time, forcing you to slow down.


dsc_1046-1A big thunderstorm rolled in that night.


The storm was a little rough, but going to sleep to the sound of rain on the roof is what I’ve been waiting for.

We woke up the next morning still not knowing if we should stay or if we should go

*cue the Clash*

So we took to Instagram to find out! Only a handful of our followers voted (thank you to those that did!) but overall, the vote was 63% stay, 37% go; so stay it was.

and boy were we grateful that we did.

We made a trip to the grocery store to buy some foods to hold us over for another week. We spent the evening reading and enjoying the weather on the dock.


It wasn’t until after the sun set that we started to make dinner: a “Manager’s Special” pack of steaks, salad and a can of Old Glory green beans.


And nutritious.

We sat by the fire, reading a little bit longer before realizing just how many stars you could see. Devon had the phenomenal idea to lay on the dock without the roof…




I’ve never felt so small in my life.

It was like being in a planetarium. We laid on the dock, wide enough to fit the lengths of our bodies, in complete awe of the sky.

I am so incredibly serious, lay down and tilt your head back and back until you feel like the top of your head is flat on the ground; the stars stretched that far across the sky.

The next morning we woke up rested, but still not in any hurry to leave. We each made a bagel and progressively started packing. Truthfully, there’s never really a lottttt to pack, it’s more so the reorganization that takes the most time. We’re learning there are quite a few things we don’t or won’t actually need.




PHEWWWWWWWWWWWWW, we’re all caught up!!


we made it. we all really, really did.

I am up-to-date. You are up-to-date. WE. ARE UP-TO-DATE.

we caught up to one another and now you know it all.

Say it with me now:



yes, “we”.

I’m including you.

Writing this blog is like talking to a friend. (Or so I’ve been told 😉 )

To know some people are actually reading, gives me a good reason to write.

ASSUMING I now stick to my schedule and routine, I will be back this FRIDAY, to tell you allllll about our time in Richmond! Tonight is our last night here with still so much to do and so many people to visit.

If you’re in the area, come hang out with us!



2 thoughts on “WE’VE HIT THE ROAD, JACK // Lake Anna, Bumpass, VA

  1. Ugh! I LOVE IT!! Heyyy boyfriend!!! I am so happy for you guys and so excited to see what’s next!!!!

    I love and miss you guys!


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