WHAT THE HECK of a happy New Year

January 7, 2019.

I know I’m one of the funniest people most of y’all know, but in absolute all seriousness…

WHAT THE HELL kind of cursed, alternate universe of life did we walk into as we entered 2019…

MIND YOU, it is only SEVEN days into the year… Here’s how it’s going so far.

1. December 31, 2018. 

Okay, so for new years, Devon and I had planned to go out with and stay with my cousin, Anna, in Richmond. Just looking for something fun and different to do together, the plan was to go to Southern Railway Taphouse, a location that I did not realize was on the opposite end of town from Anna’s apartment (which meant we’d have to take an Uber) and, consequently, did not think too much about parking; literally nobody else’s fault besides my own. We’ll call this Problem 1B, C & D. Let’s back up to Problem 1A, however. Problem 1A comes with one sentence only,

“Babe. I just realized I have the key to the store in my pocket and Tank is closing.”

The store, for those who do not know, is in Chesapeake 🙂 So off to Chesapeake we went! We went, came back, packed and hurry-scurried back into the car, leaving just over an hour late! (should we count that as a problem? mm we’ll look over that one…)

Okay, so now fast forward to arriving in Richmond and realizing Problem 1B-D.

Problem E: while trying to find parking, we realized we didn’t even pack our suitcase for the night…

Aaaaaaand, that’s game over. Didnt take us more than a few minutes to decide, “Ya know what, I don’t think this is what we’re meant to do tonight…”

After all of that, we decided we’d just head to Brickhouse in Williamsburg, stay for a drink or two, and order a pizza to go to be home by midnight.

Pizza was ordered at 10:55. Pizza came out at 11:45. Devon and Jordan said “Happy New Year,” in the car exiting the parking lot.

*commence deep breaths*

It’s about who you spend your time with and not how you spend it…or something like that, right?

Nonetheless, the pizza was awesome as always, and Happy New Year to you!!!

2. January 1, 2019.

Alright, so this one… Bunch of tears used on this day.

I went to my friend Hunter’s to check on his cat because he and his roommates were out of town. No big deal, right?

False. In the 5 minutes I was in there, someone else stole my purse out of my car*.

Thankfully, nothing super terrible was taken. I lost my drivers license, my credit/debit cards, MY COSTCO CARD…and of course my brand new Christmas gift purse from Devon 😦

BUT it’s okay! We’re afloat, I was not hurt, my car windows weren’t broken, none of cards were charged or accounts drained, I didn’t have cash, I didn’t have anything with my address (my license has my old, old address)…

“Thank u, next”

3. January 6, 2019. 

Everything comes in 3’s… or so they say.

Okay let me start off by saying yesterday was an amazing day for both of us as we went to our first Chargers game at M&T stadium in Baltimore!!

We drove up the night before, stayed at my mom’s house and headed into the city yesterday morning.

Yet again, tragedy strikes and her name is Parking!

When we finally found our specified parking lot, the lady scanned our pass and, excuse my language, but I shit you not, she says, “This has already been scanned. You’re going to have to turn around. ”

Done. Tears. I tried so hard to keep it together, I swear I’m not a wuss…okay, most of the time I am, but this was just….W O W. Imagine being in one of these teeny-ass, “room for a car on each side and then maybe an extra 100 feet of room”.  AND SHE WANTED US TO TURN AROUND.

Here’s the real kicker, I was driving 🙂 So guess how absolutely FLUSTERED I was!

but with all bad comes good!!! In the midst of fury and rage with Stubhub, we found parking in the Horseshoe Casino parking lot for $60, which for future game-goers is actually even cheaper than Devon paid for the other lot spot a block closer, and yet was still only 3 blocks total away. When we got there, most of the floors were empty, so we no problem finding a spot there and were met with an incredible view of the city. As we drank a few beers waiting for the game to start, Devon contacted Stubhub’s customer service to explain the situation. Within minutes, the Dallas Cowboys fan on the other end of the line had refunded the money for the parking pass, and offered to pay for the parking we paid for at Horseshoe.

Let me tell ya, Stubhub doing that was an automatic flip of emotions for me. It was time to Bolt Up and get ready for the game!


And to come out with a win over the Ravens made the day AND THE FINISH TO THIS HELLISH WEEK a little bit more bearable…

In all seriousness, this week has taken its emotional toll on me… and makes me worry how things will go when we go beyond 200 miles away.

Here’s to getting our lives together just a little in these next few months before the journey really begins!



*On January 8th, the hellish first week of the year took an unexpected turn when I was informed that I had, in fact, just left my purse in one of Hunter’s roommate’s bedrooms while looking for his cat…sigh….no comment.

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