Our First Christmas!

December, 27, 2018.

If the thought of Christmas and the Holiday season in entirety makes you sigh while simultaneously unbelievably appreciative of the things you have,  then *fist bump* to you… Because I get it. This holiday season was busy, I speak for Devon more so than I do for myself, as he worked what seemed like a million hours. Christmas at the Cove Tavern was SPECTACULAR. I met some of the most friendly and generous bar guests as they gathered for the nightly light show; excuse me, the 25 Nights of Northern Lights.

Despite all the running around and long work hours, we took full advantage of our day together celebrating with both my mom and Devon’s family. With a little bit of help from both families we were even able to have the most BEAAUUUUTIFUL tree (with all 5000 ornaments Devon owns!).

Now that Christmas is over, there are so many things I feel like we need to catch everyone up on…

Let’s pick up from where we left off:

  1. Devon got a car!

Yet again, super super lucky find with this car. Devon found our new 2011 Honda Element with 114,000 miles for just under 10k. Since buying, he’s been rotating here and there between driving the Element and driving the Civic until we leave. It’s tough; do you add mileage to the car you’re going to sell, or the car you’re going to drive all around the country?


2. It’s got a hitch!

Okay, so it didn’t ~come~ with a hitch…but we got one at Uhaul!

Tip for future “add-a-hitch-to-your-car” buyers: Sometimes they put the wiring in the same under-the-floor spot as the spare tire…who knew? ~not us~

3. …and we got the adapter!

Amongst soooo many other perfect gifts (a HUGE “thank you” to our friends and families for everything we received for Christmas!), we got the one missing piece for all of this, the adapter that connects from the camper to the car that gives it electricity!! Though there are still a few more things we need before we get super serious about future trips, we can now officially say we have enough to get us out of the door.

Seriously though… We have the car, we have the camper, we have everything necessary to connect the two… All we really need now is time to enjoy all of it…

Let’s see how long it takes us to take it out for a spin 😉



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