Do Things Because You Can

October 25, 2018.

Yesterday was one of the best days. After spending a couple days in my hometown, Devon and I decided we’d take a short detour to Charlottesville, instead of going straight home. It was only two hours there and two hours home after that, so we figured why not! I had been a couple times in the past for a variety of reasons, but our primary reason for going yesterday was so Devon could show me around the place(s) he called home for a year and a half for work.

We took our time leaving town as we stopped in for breakfast at the Purcellville Diner and then made our way down Old 690 to Route 29. After a quick Dunkin Donuts coffee break (I will forever argue Dunkin over Starbucks), we drove around and around seeing the places he lived, his old store, the barbershop here he got his haircut, the Pen Park golf course he’s mastered, the best skateboarding spots, the staircase where he broke his foot, all of the most important things… while admiring all of the spectacular mountain views.

A few pitstops later, we made our way down Barracks Road. Once you pass all of the stunning homes, the longhorn cows, and the Sugar Hollow Dam and Reservoir, you make it to the Sugar Hollow Trail that leads up to Blue Hole. We decided we’d just walk along the river instead of walking the trail, knowing that the river and the trail met up again a little later. It was an especially challenging afternoon because for WHATEVER REASON I’m absolutely terrified of falling in the water. Like…I’m talking, if you ask me to take too big of a step across the water or between rocks in general, my mind immediately goes to, “I could slip, bust my head, my teeth have gone through my bottom lip, I’ve also fallen into the water head first and now I’m drowning and we’re in the woods and no one will hear Devon yell, we’re stranded, that’s it.”

So, yeah, you could say today really tested me…BUT, I did it and didn’t fall once.              SO THERE, FEAR, TAKE THAT.

Anyways, at some point along the way, we sat on some boulders that lined the edge of the water and started to make a great revelation about our day:

Soon enough, we’d have days like this every day.


Think about that for a second… If not for my sake, but for your own (You might find it calming!).

Try to truly imagine this. Imagine you’re given the opportunity to find places like this across the country every day… without the worry of having to return to work two to seven days later… If that was an option for you in life, a ~real, ideal world~ option, would you take it? I triple-dog-dare you to spend one afternoon sitting on the banks of the water with your best friend/love bunny honey bunches of oats with the sounds of the river flowing and the birds chirping as your music…and imagine that question. For Devon and I, it’s simple: we could not be any more confident that we have that opportunity. Why waste it?

We understand we have a lot of stuff that needs to be accomplished beforehand.

We understand we need to take small trips first. Charlottesville was the start of it!

We understand we’ll be with each other 24/7.

We understand we have no bathroom and will have to pop one up if we have to go in the middle of the night.

We understand we need to know as much as we can about the car we buy and the trailer own.

We understand some days are going to be better than others.

But we also understand, this is an adventure of a lifetime. The best part is we have the chance to do it with someone we love. Above all else, Devon’s my best friend (~to my other best friends, I’m sorry ok!!~). When we moved in together, sheesh, put your hand up if you can relate, it’s like a never ending sleepover with your bff!!!! What the heck that’s the best part of being with someone you love!! So baaaasically, my point is, that never ending sleepover is just moving from a home to a car.

Sigh… I don’t know, y’all… Is it going to be challenging? Definitely. Are we going to disagree and argue? Without a doubt. I guess all I’m saying is we’ve realized that if we can have more days like yesterday than not, we want to. And part of why we want to, is because we can.



One thought on “Do Things Because You Can

  1. Enjoy life, travel now if it’s possible for you both, I wish I had before I had to settle down. Now’s the time to do it good luck 🍀 and safe travels


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